Thursday, 16 April 2009

M.A.C. Sugarsweet collection♥

Can i have these please?;D

If only if i had enough money i could buy this Mineralize Skinfinish(MSF)
This rose gold with golden bronze veining MSF will suit my dark skintone and will make me have the exotic look
Well i guess i'm going to have to wait for my sister to buy it for herself so that i can use it too. lol.


  1. u should order Sheercover cause it looks like ur not wearin any make up at all buh you are. its some powder foundation ting that doesn't wear out and covers ur dark circles, blemishes, scars whatever. its berrr good lol. and it makes you look glowy as well hehe =] x

  2. yeh iv got that lol but it itches my face:S