Monday, 20 April 2009

Reebok Top Down ♥

OI OI!! These Reebok Top Down’s are the ones to buy because they’re fresh, hot, hot and hot-hot! lol. These kicks have the old school fold down ankle wrap, with mixed, different deco on the outside and inside. Go get yours! Or guys get your girlfriends these kicks nowwwww!xD
These were the creps (trainers) i was planning on getting today but the ones i wanted were the white ones but unfortunately didnt have my size which was a size 3! Bumber i kno!The purple ones only had my size but i didnt feel like getting purple all though it went with the outfit i was wearing today lol. Don't worry, i'll find my size 3 white Top Downs asap!


  1. lol i stil havnt found my size!!-_-

  2. ANGIIE. i know how to comment now LOL ! yay . see. haha
    i like the red oness, n yh i know how it feels when u cant find ur shoe size either man, bare sad. sometimes when i cnt find size 4 i look for size 3 cos i can jus abt fit into it but then i cant find them eitha lol.