Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Perfect Eyebrows♥

Okay okay.. you wanna know the secret to making sure your eyebrows look good?
I get told so many times how my eyebrows look so neat and perfect they always ask me how i get them done. Well guys to tell you the truth i really have thin eyebrows but you dnt see them cause its all hidden under my eyebrow-liner! I use eye-brow stencils!! Yes eye-brow stencils!... i admit i draw on my eyebrows, thats why it looks so neat cause i can draw them however i like:D.
The most simple way is to buy eye-brow stencils.
These eyebrow stencils are samples to show how many different sizes there are. you can buy them online or either in cosmetic shops.

My stencils are from No.7 from their gift collection in either the Superdrug or Boots store=]

These are my eyebrows without using any eyebrow pencil
yes they are overly very thin.

First you've got to place the stencil on you eyebrow and shade in through the shaped hole so it will look like this afterwards:D

Look at the contrast between my two eyebrows aha
After you've done your first eyebrow do the same for the other and then you' are done!

Eyebrow liner
: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, Dark Brown
Advantages: Soft, Natural looking, Easy to use, not expensive, easy to remove
Disadvantages: The produ
ct finishes up relatively quickly, not waterproof and can rub off easily


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  1. Fabulous ... ur eye brows are truly perfect hehe